Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mid-March Update

Chef Sessler
Are proud to announce
An Update to
Submission Dinner

Thursday April 30th

an Encore to our
POP up and Coming! dinner series
a farewell dinner
A true submission dinner
Cava’s Sous Chef Michael Fortin
with a menu of his design

$85- per person
Paired with MS Walker Wines
Reservations Required
For details please call

About this event and Chef Fortin
Sous Chef Michael Fortin helped open Cava in the fall of 2008 and has been an instrumental part of our team over the years. He has helped create Cava into what it is today. Over the years he has led the kitchen and developed many of our most innovative dishes and recipes.  He is a huge part of the creative process here at Cava and has helped develop events such as the” In the Moment Dinner” and “The Submission Dinner”. His talents extend far past Cava and the cuisine we serve. He is an amazing chef that has a truly bright culinary future. Chef Fortin will be “performing” the encore of the “POP up and Coming!” dinner series for 2015 with what I call a “Submission Dinner”. A submission dinner is a dinner where the guests put their faith and trust in the chef and allow the chef to create a dining experience for them. There are no choices there are no substitutions. The menu is created with thought and design to flow from one course to the next and is meant to be experience on a whole. 

In addition this will be a Michael’s farewell dinner at Cava as he will be moving west for new opportunities. For those that have enjoyed Michael’s professionalism and poise over the years this is a final chance to catch Chef Fortin for an evening of epic dining. This event is limited to 40 guests.

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